NANNÉ TURNING STORIES INTO TREASURES is a jewellery concept that upcycles family heirlooms which would otherwise be collecting dust in chests and drawers. The heirloom itself will not be altered, and it doesn’t actually need to be a piece of jewellery to start with – any little artefact that is of sentimental value to you can be upcycled into a new piece of jewellery.

The design studio is on the first floor of my childhood home. My great-great-grandfather built the house in 1873. I’m the fifth generation to live here, and I take great pleasure in all the lovely and odd family treasures that are stored away in the loft, in drawers and cupboards.

I got the idea for the concept when I upcycled one of my father’s old cufflinks into a ring and discovered that the joy of wearing a unique piece of jewellery with a personal history was completely different from wearing other beautiful rings. I realised that it made a lot of sense for me as a designer to be able to add new value to old family treasures – for the benefit of you and the next generation.

In addition to upcycling heirlooms – FAMILY TREASURES – I also designs letters reinterpreting an old tradition where women wore their initials on a chest buckle. LOVELETTERS are made of silver and adorned with diamonds, and the design has a Gothic expression, taking its inspiration from a traditional Danish-Dutch custom. Last but not least, I design PRECIOUS COLOURS jewellery – here the individual colour is my primary source of inspiration.

Marianne Svendsen

All photos by Sofie Barfoed