If you want Nanné to craft a personal piece of jewelry for you, you can meet her at

her workshop and Concept Store at the familiy house Kongevejen 8, Dragør

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My Mission

I realised that it made a lot of sense for me as a designer to be able to add new value to old family treasures – for the benefit of you and the next generation.

I got the idea for the concept when I upcycled one of my father’s old cufflinks into a ring.

I discovered that the joy of wearing a unique piece of jewellery with a personal history was completely different from wearing other beautiful rings.

The Process

Let me upcycle your pieces with respect for the past.

Add value to them by enjoying them – instead of them collecting dust in a drawer.

The heirloom itself will not be altered, and it doesn’t actually need to be a piece of jewellery to start with.

Any little artefact that is of sentimental value to you can be upcycled into a new piece of jewellery.

Familiy Treasures

See how a small box of beads belonging to the mother of Bent Fabricious Bjerre turns into a modern necklace.

The necklace is made with 3 Loveletters, the initials for all three family members; B for Bent, C for Camilla, and R for Rigmor.

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Grandmother’s watch

See how grandmother Johanne´s watch is upcycled into a modern necklace.

All the girls in the familiy now want to wear it.

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